My Resume

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Executive Summary
With over 15 years of experience in user experience design and tech leadership, I’ve successfully launched more than 120 products that hit the sweet spot between what users want and what businesses need. I use data to drive my designs, leading to impactful and delightful digital experiences.
I’ve built and grown high-performing teams in different settings, from small startups to large corporations, recruiting top talent along the way. My solid understanding of the entire design and development process, combined with a strategic eye for product planning, has resulted in many successful features used by millions.
As a strong believer in the value of great user experience, I know how to effectively communicate its importance to business leaders and stakeholders. I’m eager for new opportunities to leverage my deep knowledge of UX design and product leadership, aiming to make a real difference in innovative companies.

Skills & Competencies


  • Team Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Process Design
  • Task Analysis
  • Communication
  • Cross-disciplinary
  • Mentorship
  • Software Design & Development Methodologies
  • Workshop & Design Ritual Facilitation


  • Visual & Interaction Design
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Usability Testing & Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Design Systems
  • Conversational Design
  • Brand Management
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Motion & Animation


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Roadmap Development
  • Client Engagement
  • Product Management
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Measuring & ROI
  • Platform Building
  • Release & Launch Management


  • Prototyping:
    Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch
  • Visual & Motion Design:
    Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Collaboration & Alignment:
    Confluence, Miro, and Figjam
  • Task Management:
    JIRA, GitHub, and Sharepoint
  • Data Analysis:
    Excel, SQL, Python, and PowerBI
Work History
UX Manager, Custom Data
April 2022 – May 2023

Role & Responsibilities

As a UX Manager at Shopify, I was responsible for key UX initiatives, product design, and development strategies to enhance user experience on the platform. I led 2 cross-functional teams—working closely with stakeholders to align product development with business objectives, formulating and communicating UX and product vision, and providing craft leadership for 11 product and content designers.

Additionally, I fostered team growth and development, hiring and onboarding new UXers to the team, and maintaining a culture of innovation, collaboration, and user-centric design. My role also included overseeing the re-organization of the Content Experiences group, with a focus on achieving new company objectives.

Major Goals & Projects

  • Led overall UX improvements for the Custom Data platform, actively used by over 20% of Shopify’s 2.1 million merchants.
  • Launched Metaobjects, a new custom data primitive, now being used in over 40,000 storefronts as of May 2023, and projected to be used by 20% of Advanced and Plus plan merchants by the end of 2023.
  • Contributed significant updates to Polaris design system, including form elements, index filters, status indicators, and icons.
  • Developed and launched platform integrations for 3rd party CMSs and Contentful, enabling compatibility for 60% of new enterprise clients.
  • Implemented comprehensive access control layers for the Custom Data platform, enhancing security and usability for merchant-owned, app-owned, and Shopify-owned data primitives.
  • Managed the launch of Metafield-driven smart product collections and the associated Collection reference type, further enhancing the product categorization and search capabilities on the platform.
  • Co-led development and implementation of Shopify Magic, an AI/ML-based initiative designed to automate content creation and product categorization, significantly reducing the time from merchant sign-up to first sale and increasing overall merchant adoption and satisfaction.
Manager, AI/ML
July 2017 – April 2022

Role & Responsibilities

I led the organization building Fiserv’s advanced customer service platform with Machine Learning—overseeing the design, development, and growth of over 300 applications. This work spanned web and mobile applications to chat-driven virtual assistants for strategic clients like Apple, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and the U.S. Treasury.

When First Data merged with Fiserv in 2019, I successfully scaled our operations to meet increased technology demands from both internal and external clients. I expanded my teams from 9 members to 32, directing over 45,000 hours of design, analysis, and engineering work annually.

Major Goals & Projects

  • Led the design and execution of an AI-powered virtual assistant, which serviced 6M economic stimulus cards for the Federal Treasury in just two weeks.
  • Launched tools and enhancements that decreased overall transfer-to-agent rates by 37% YOY while improving Net Promoter Scores by designing intuitive self-service opportunities in apps handling over 500M calls a year, resulting in $28M in annual operating cost savings.
  • Collaborated with IBM to launch a flagship AI-powered virtual assistant for voice and chat channels, now serving 225,000 unique users daily.
  • Led the design and development of desktop tools to facilitate a shift to remote work for over 19,000 customer service agents during COVID-19 related contact center shutdowns.
  • Oversaw the design, launch, and iterative improvement of 3 internal CRMs and 3 unique customer portals.
  • Led the evolution of the Fiserv design system beyond it’s use for marketing surfaces for proliferation across all customer-service web applications.
Bozell & Jacobs
Senior Interactive Art Director
August 2014 – February 2017

Role & Responsibilities

As agency lead for interactive creative work, I worked on diverse client projects, including the design and launch of standalone web applications, company websites, campaign microsites, design systems, rich media and video advertising, and interactive environmental installations. I guided Bozell’s digital transformation, and represented the agency in pitching, onboarding, and maintaining client relationships.

Major Goals & Projects

  • Agency lead on all major interactive projects undertaken by the agency, including over 40 web applications, and over 90 interactive advertising campaigns.
  • Represented the agency in pitching and ononboarding over 40 clients with interactive needs.
  • Managed processes, training, and execution on the agency’s transition from traditional display advertising to HTML5 media, and the transition to responsive design and coding practices.
Creative Director
May 2012 – June 2014

Role & Responsibilities

I led a multidisciplinary team in building and expanding the Proxibid brand family. I oversaw platform user experience improvements, marketing and advertising, video and graphics production, user documentation, and client creative services.

Major Goals & Projects

  • Lead a comprehensive rebranding of Proxibid, and re-designed the entire auction platform experience.
  • Developed and launched global marketing strategy, which increased incoming web traffic by over 30% YOY.
  • Oversaw user experience improvement efforts which reduced quarterly user attrition rates by an average of 39% for 18 consecutive months.
  • Designed and oversaw the launch of an online art auction platform that represented $70M+ GMV of listings within its first year.
Experience Summary
From 2009 to 2012

Design Manager

Responsibilities included both designing and managing designers for seasonal digital and print catalogs, digital promotional materials, and company-wide branding.

Art Director

Oversaw all outgoing agency creative, including web & interactive, audio & video, display advertising, email marketing, and print design projects.

Art Director

Developed all agency creative output, including web and interactive projects, branding efforts, and marketing campaigns.

Graphic Designer

Performed the production, design, and layout of digital and print monthly and annual magazine editions, email and direct mail marketing campaigns, and event branding efforts.